Hi Trader, 
I'm Jeremy Sellers, a fellow day trader based in Birmingham, AL.
Just like you, I have always been interested in the stock market. As a teenager, I remember my dad bringing home a stock-trading workshop on VHS. My sister and I received $1,000 each to begin our trading careers. At that time, I didn't know what I was doing, but I gave it my best shot and earned 50% on my first trade.
Of course, I was hooked. Immediately, I saw the opportunity the market had to offer. Unfortunately, there would be no real lasting success without some form of education and coaching. Through the years, I continued to dabble with the stock market until I finally got serious about trading and started devouring online courses and books.
I've made a lot of mistakes and have had a lot of success. I have learned what to do and what not to do. I believe there are many others out there in need of a trading education and desire to take advantage of the opportunity available in the stock market.
Day trading in the stock market is a risky proposition. 90% of day traders fail to make a profit. Because of this, I believe getting an education and practicing in a free online trading simulator, before ever using real money, will give you an edge in the market!
In 2019, we established Velocity Stock Network, a YouTube channel dedicated to training like-minded individuals through our online courses, coaching, and community. 

Together, we'll learn how to discover potential trading opportunities in the market!

In this FREE trading workshop I'll teach you:

  • The four components to a profitable stock trading career
  • The tools and software needed to research and analyze trading opportunities
  • The step by step process to create your own trading strategy
  • How to test your trading strategy in a trading simulator

If you're ready to start learning about a new career in stock trading, click the link below!

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